Beijing Honghua International Golf Club

Beijing Honghua International Golf ClubBeijing Honghua International Golf Club is located in Beiyuan Road Asian Sports Village Chaoyang. The park covers 135 hectares and designed by famous Nick Faldo. The design and structure grade is World Championship Contest grade. Before this, Nick Faldo designed three times in china. Honghua is the first one he designed in north China. Because the Beijing terrain is very flat so the park used 250 cube meters earthwork to build. Customers can enjoy the challenge and exciting in top grade park. Except the putting green and sandpit outstand the typical Nick Faldo style, the service ball platform get rid of the traditional oval shape and used the rare square design. The sandpits are all used white quartz sand. Not only give people fresh and new feeling, but also add classical and valued king feeling. More of the interesting comes from putting green. The three layers putting green has very special graceful connection. Among the 18 ball grooves, Nick Faldo has special preference to the fifteenth ball groove and named Faldo ball groove. Many guests in Beijing Purple Jade Hotel play and relax here during their spare time in Beijing tour.

Beijing Purple Jade Hotel is located on the west south ring and the Honghua International Golf Club is not far from Beijing Purple Jade Hotel. Beijing Purple Jade Hotel is a three star hotel with both Chinese and western architecture style. Many important conferences are held in Beijing Purple Jade Hotel. The service and facilities are satisfied to the guests in Beijing Purple Jade Hotel to have a good rest during their Beijing travel.

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